Brian Vassallo – Memoirs of a Lifetime

Brian Vassallo - Memoirs of a Lifetime


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Brian Vassallo – Memoirs of a Lifetime
CD, Private Release, 2010

December 31, 2010 saw the release of “Memoirs of a Lifetime” by Maltese composer, sound designer and producer Brian Vassallo. It offers the listener a sonic companion to make his/her own interpretations of his/her moments in life.

Mr Vassallo’s instrumental music, presented in eight uninterrupted parts, is graced with a warm, full sound, stirring up lots of emotions with its bright, spacious cinematic sound and farscapes. His detailed atmospheric sound design is interconnected with rhythmic/sequenced sections, and even reveals some very nice vintage undercurrents that lend his sophisticated compositions extra body, depth and meaning.

The nice bouncing sequencer outing of “Part 4” even ventures in symphonic realms, opening up to things of grandness. Next to the more spherical other parts, the slightly Jarre-like “Part 6” again hits the up-tempo button very nicely with its tight “Equinoxe”-esque sequencing and melodic set-up. This one is followed by more spatial and catchy sequencing and and spherical sound painting in the following two last parts of the cd.

There’s even an unlisted nineth bonus track in which Brian oncemore displays is mature musicianship. It all makes “Memoirs of a Lifetime” a highly recommended cd, which also stands out due to an immaculate mastering and production.
Chapeau, Mr Vassallo!


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