Brian Vassallo – Scenes Vol. 1

Brian Vassallo - Scenes Vol. 1  


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Brian Vassallo – Scenes Vol. 1
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2021

Malta-based composer Brian Vassallo started releasing music in 1998, since then putting outing out more music on a regular basis. The 44-minute “Scenes Vol. 1” compiles 13 single tracks composed in recent years, kicking off with the epic 8-minute “Columbus” (which dates from March 2019). The latter is a live and improvised piece lining up beautifully next to Vangelis’ El Greco/1492 majestic style, something also applying -but less- to the much shorter, Medieval-ish “Assisi”.

Overall, there’s distinct grandeur as well as cinematic / symphonic flavour found in most of Vassallo´s music, reaching another highlight on the wide plains sonic scenery of “Ranges of Montana” while addressing tender, gentle and intimate atmospheres on “Into the Light”, “Delicate Colours” and “Solo”. The brief “Final Descent”, the final track, sounds like a goodbye and could be part of a movie score. Nice going, Brian.


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