Bridge to Imla – The Radiant Sea

Bridge to Imla - The Radiant Sea


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Bridge to Imla – The Radiant Sea
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Winter-Light Records, 2017

Bridge to Imla is a project by the German duo Michael Brückner and Hans-Dieter Schmidt who started collaborating occasionally since 2012. At first glance exploration and discovery seem central themes throughout the deep ambient trip making up “The Radiant Sea”.

The origins of the latter hail back to August 2013 when Michael Brückner created the dark ambient track “All the Weight of the Sun” for a compilation that dealt with the (then recent) nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. Whilst working on that track, Michael created hours of different ambient textures, most of which remained unused. Later that same year, Hans-Dieter and Michael started to make plans for recording a collaborative release, and those unused soundscapes formed the raw material for what would end up as “The Radiant Sea” (on which mastering expert Robert Rich would put the icing on the cake in the final stage).

And an adventurous, highly mesmerizing and imaginary aural adventure it is, matching beautifully with the fantastic album cover art. The alchemy of gentle waves, slight foreboding tapestries, captivating spherics and washes of emotive textures presented to the listener are compelling from start to finish. In addition, occasional ghostly/otherworldly plains are traversed along haunting passages of ascent and descent in the continuous gliding aural vortex. And there’s the organic, almost tactile component running underneath the continuous soundscape making things shift to another dimension quite regularly.

The aforementioned make the 74-minute “The Radiant Sea” a strong contender for headphone listening and deep listening aficionados.


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