Brock Van Wey – White clouds drift on and on

Brock Van Wey - White clouds drift on and on

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Brock Van Wey – White clouds drift on and on
CD/Lp/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Echospace, 2009

Being an avid fan of emotional-driven ambient music it was just a matter of time before I would run into the postmodern minimalist ambient of musician and dj Brock Van Wey, who seems better known as dub-techno act Bvdub. His debut “White clouds drift on and on” is a 6-track/70+ minute immersive, dreamy and melancholic-flavored ambient drift with a lonely current running through.

Imagine swells of ambient bliss forming non-rhythmic, airy and gentle pulsating chill-out featuring slow textural washes and gritty sounding white noise with sampled or filtered choral/vocal samples. Next to that, evocative string pads surface on “Forever a Stranger” while an Asian vocal sample, plucked, repetitive guitar notes and lush meandering soundscapes form “A Gentle Hand to Hold”. The best piece on the release though in my opinion is the expansive drift of textural plains heading toward the horizon on the closing title piece.

The second disc –which I rate even higher than the previous disc- contains beautifully reworked versions and reinterpretations of the original music by Steve Hitchell (aka Intrusion). He added soft beats, smooth dub-elements and subtle rhythmic elements to create a livelier, different but still hypnotic, intrinsic and laid-back aural cocoon. Just check out Hitchell’s “A gentle hand to hold (intrusion_shape_iii)” to grab a slice of the mesmerizing yet mellow vibe created.



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