Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder – In Repelen

Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - In Repelen

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Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder – In Repelen
CD & DVD, Manikin Records, 2010

“Repelen” is the first dvd from the trio Broekhuis/Keller/Schönwälder, which sees them perform in familiar location, the Church in the German village Repelen where they played several times previously.

For the occasion, they also invited several guest musicians such as Raughi Ebert, Eva and Thomas Kagermann, and even a choir to complement their music on certain spots. I looked at the dvd a couple of times, of which the outcome looks and sounds nice and appealing. But what I miss here is the sparkle and some energizing elements to make the featured tracks stand out a bit more. Now, things stay on the safe side, sounding overall mellow and comfortably as there are no noticeable efforts to make them break away from it all.

For me, the overall music and action on stage is a bit too slow, while I couldn’t care much for the acts of the female dancer. I also had hoped Bas Broekhuis would have played some more appealing and powerful drums to make the live music stand out more. Now his contributions stay as mellow as the music and the efforts of the other performing musicians. Expect the style of electronic music we know from them, but now with accompanying visuals showing the musicians enjoying themselves as a band on stage.

The 71-minute cd also found in the package contains three tracks from the Repelen concert 2009 next to a previously unreleased track from the studio sessions for the “Repelen 3” album.
In addition, there’s an excerpt from the Repelen concert 2010 and two tracks featured on the dvd, and as a bonus there’s a track from the bands concert recordings specially remixed by Gerd Wienekamp.
This music fits nicely next to the sonic stuff heard on the previous Repelen audio releases.

I had expected a bit more from this release, but I’m sure the many fans of the band will appreciate this outcome nonetheless.


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