Broken Harbour – Broken Harbour

Broken Harbour - Broken Harbour

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Broken Harbour – Broken Harbour
CD-R, Consouling Records, 2009

Broken Harbour is the alias of Blake Gibson, a Canadian musician who focuses on deep and minimal ambient drone-based music, for which he applies synthetic sources, assorted samples, and real time performances.

The biggest part of the album, containing five long form pieces, explores the isolation that a space explorer experiences, conveying a sense of foreboding distance while floating in the vast emptiness of space.

Blake explains he’s fond of remote, barren landscapes and spacious places, therefore creating desolate, intriguing soundscape textures (some of extreme low frequencies), crackles and glitches which slowly evolve from ethereal and suffocating to crystalline and beautiful. This description made me think the music of this self-titled debut might be sounding like Ran Kirlian, Max Corbacho and even Steve Roach.

It turned out somewhat otherwise, as the meandering, pretty dark and gloomy drone-textures are actually more in vein of “Deep Frieze” by Sleep Research Facility or the debut release of “3 Seconds of Air”.

The track “Requiem for Dead Spacemen”, found at the centre of the album, deserves a special mention. It sounds more fluid, and is an emotional, melancholic tribute to those who lost their lives out there.

All who love long form spacious realms and expansive drone tapestries should check out this well-produced release.


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