Broken Harbour – The Geometry of Shadows

Broken Harbour - The Geometry of Shadows


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Broken Harbour – The Geometry of Shadows
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Relaxed Machinery, 2012

Originally, the music for the concept-album “The Geometry of Shadows” was composed under the title “Ansible” (which is now the last track on this album) in 2009, but was shelved when Blake Gibson (aka Broken Harbour) decided to take a break from music. Last year though he released his second album “Gramophone Transmissions”, that gave him the vibe to dust off the material after all and rework it over a nine-month period for this release.

“The Geometry of Shadows”, best enjoyed in one go, is a work of intense long-form ambient with a nice feel of wonder and revelation, which Blake considers as quite a left turn from his previous work, but still sounding somewhat familiar in a way, with plenty of variety in terms of mood. According to the composer, the albums concept deals with faster-than-light space communications along a more philosophical idea about the interplay of light and darkness, physically, metaphorically, and spiritually.

While using a few NI soft synths and Omnisphere mostly and sticking to a “dry” recording technique, the aural outcome of dense, mysterious and floating atmospheres and mesmerizing pads on the five tracks are well-crafted sonic explorations.
Occasionally, elements of Broken Harbour’s previous sonic excursions can be noticed as well. If one likes the organic and surreal side of ambient, the free-form “The Geometry of Shadows” will be most rewarding. Well done, Mr Gibson!
Next to a limited digipack/cd-release (100 copies), “The Geometry of Shadows” is available as a digital download on Bandcamp and CD Baby.


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