Bruno Sanfilippo – Anthology

Bruno Sanfilippo -Anthology

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Bruno Sanfilippo – Anthology
CD, Neuronium Records, 2005

Bruno Sanfilippo’s “Anthology” comprises previously released tracks composed between 1991 and 2004. The tracks are taken from the albums “Sons of the Light”, “The New Kingdom”, “Solemnis”, “Suite Patagonia”, “Visualia” and “Ad Libitum”.

The album opener “The Nobles come back” is an intimate, medieval-like track with lots of grandeur. The best track without doubt is the almost 10 minute track “Miracles”, a slowly building stand-out atmospheric track with some classic influences.

I didn’t care much for the three tracks of “Suite Patagonia” as they are not my taste, although they are well composed and executed.

The cd concludes with two tracks taken from his last two albums, of which I think “Visualia” the best effort. Personally I’m impressed by the cathedral-like atmosphere which Sanfilippo is able to create in his music from time to time.

In all, the lengthy “Anthology” offers a proper and well produced overview of what this musician has achieved until now.


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