Bruno Sanfilippo – Auralspace

Bruno Sanfilippo - Auralspace

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Bruno Sanfilippo – Auralspace
CD, ad21music, 2009

Presented in a beautifully designed digipack, “Auralspace” marks the 12th album of Bruno Sanfilippo.

The cd, which took nine long months of preparation and intense composing, offers a 71-minute spacious ambient tapestry. Its slowly spiralling, hypnotizing beds of continuous drifting synth textures (with no piano this time) are accompanied by occasional whistles, tribal rhythm, assorted sounds of nature and birds, all creating a sense of wonder.

Although drifting in a minimalist manner, the music remains quite active with its cascading tones and morphing character. It keenly avoids the gap becoming new agy, venturing into deeper, surreal lands beyond imagination to keep the attention of the listener.

In addition, the recording confirms the motto of the ad21 label: “we believe that the instrumental music can lead the soul into a state of sacred intimacy”.


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