Bruno Sanfilippo – Clar0scuro

Bruno Sanfilippo - Clar0scuro

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Bruno Sanfilippo – Clar0scuro
CD, AD21 Music, 2014

Since quite some years, the piano has played an important part in the music of composer Bruno Sanfilippo. On “Clar0scuro”, he takes the next step in contemporary instrumental chamberrmusic, on which a violin-player and a violincelloplayer join him on a few tracks as Bruno once again returns to the mesmerizing sounds derived from a Grand Piano.

The minimal-flavored outcome lines up nicely next to e.g. the lyrical, introspective works of Tim Story, Harold Budd or Max Richter. The opening title piece though takes a much more uplifting approach contrary to the eight miniatures following after next.

The intimate and vibrant spheres captured on most of the nine neo-classical (ambient) compositions reveal hidden beauty, elegance, tranquility and compassion along the love for life and simple things. In addition, there’s a lovely dreamy, imaginary and slight romatic side felt between the carefully chosen notes on the quietly evolving pieces, of which the biggest part are just solo piano.

The meditative, the serene and the sparse have been given an emotive voice by means of the piano-centered “Clar0scuro”.


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