Bruno Sanfilippo – Inside Life

Bruno Sanfilippo - Inside Life


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Bruno Sanfilippo – Inside Life

“Inside Life” is a contemporary classical work of art built upon piano and strings, which see Bruno Sanfilippo continue his quest through the quiet sonic landscape of minimalist piano and electro-acoustic music.

Piano, cello, treatments and voice (on two tracks) form the heart of the 44-minute recording, a subtle constructed elegy of sadness and stillness with a sense of hope shining through. It’s the depth, space and emotion found in and between the notes creating an intimate, contemplative, melancholic-infused sound collage with a strong emotive current, which at times remembers of Brian/Roger Eno along Tim Story.

Of the seven compositions, I regard “A Door Opens Forever” and the closing title piece exceptional, fluent and deeply emotional with a very sophisticated, airy and precisely layered sound design. “The Place where dying crows” visits more hallucinatory, abstract and rather strange territory, triggering and taking the listeners imagination elsewhere.

All in all, Bruno’s long and hard work has payed off well on “Inside Life”, a mesmerizing sonic ambience affiliated with neo-classical music, demanding close, focussed and in-depth listening.


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