Bruno Sanfilippo & Max Corbacho – Bioma

Bruno Sanfilippo & Max Corbacho - Bioma

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Bruno Sanfilippo & Max Corbacho – Bioma
CD, ad21 music, 2011

Bruno Sanfilippo’s and Max Corbacho’s second collaborative album “Bioma”, the name for a large community of plants and animals that occupy a distinct region, is another fine ambient recording from the Spanish Ad21 Music.

As the press sheet explains, the initial idea for it was born after making various field recordings in different places in the Spanish province of Tarragona during the spring of 2010. One year later, the composers crafted the electronic soundscapes and effects seperately from each other to enrich this natural kaleidoscope of sounds.

It all ended up in this continuous 59-minute “real living, mesmerizing breathing system”. This very calming and slowly evolving environmental recording immerses and surrounds the listener with sustained bell sounds, infinite loops and an almost uninterrupted string of singing birds. The second half of the album takes on a bit more experimental/abstract shape, although it turns up harmonic again from the 45-minute mark.

Occasionally, its approach reminded me of Michael Stearns “Morning Jewel” and some Brian Eno stuff, while the duo takes its own turns and twists towards the environmental sonic ambience to make this a unique Biome, suitable for infinite playback.
“Bioma” is released as a limited factory-pressed cd of 200 hand-numbered copies.


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