Bruno Sanfilippo – Pianette 2

Bruno Sanfilippo - Pianette 2

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Bruno Sanfilippo – Piannette 2

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, ad21 Music, 2024

The music captured on “Pianette 2” has been an emotional and creative journey as it emerged from Mr Sanfilippo’s deep connection with music and memories of his childhood. When he actually started composing it, he intended to evoke the magic and innocence he experienced in his early years to capture the enchanting essence that used to permeate his world back then, one full of dreams, fantasy, and the wonder of mechanical toys coming to life in his imagination.

Following, in the wake of, the first volume, the compositions of “Pianette 2” maintain the enchanting neo-classical and contemporary essence of the series. All in all, the 12 solo piano pieces, treated with electronics in a sophisticated fashion, create a beautiful emotive realm of melancholy, and peace,  and fulfill a slice of romance as well.


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