Bruno Sanfilippo – Pianette

Bruno Sanfilippo - Pianette


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Bruno Sanfilippo – Pianette

Including twelve original contemporary classical solo piano pieces, “Pianette” (housed in a premium anti-static cover digipack) is the musical expression of Bruno Sanfilippo’s childhood memories of mechanical toys, dolls, circus and puppets. The stunning imagery related to these dreamlike elements provides inspiration for tracks merging minimalism and thoughtful electronica as applied to the piano.

Thus the soundscape palette featured on the 12 tracks blends the evocative with the nostalgic and the dreamful while a profound melancholic current takes centre stage, swirling gently through the spaces between the notes. The thought of accomplished artists such as Yann Tiersen, Hauschka and Ludovico Einaudi along the impact of Mark Isham’s “Songs my Children taught me” comes to mind as the emotive, haunting and lyrical soundings of “Pianette” graces the ear. In my opinion, “Wooden Toys”, “Dreams of an Elephant”, “Goodness” as well as the opening title piece breathe exceptional beauty here.

A testament to the composer’s fine work on music for film, the elegant yet always melancholic sound covering the 43-minute “Pianette” is accompanied by a visual counterpart as provided by Larissa Kulik’s video and album artwork, where darker images are mixed with naïve and surreal elements.

All in all, the beautifully produced and mastered “Pianette” makes a timeless, intimate and very moving sonic document.


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