Bruno Sanfilippo – Redes

Bruno Sanfilippo - Redes


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Bruno Sanfilippo – Redes
CD/Digital Download, AD21 Music, 2022

When it comes to emotive music, the works of Bruno Sanfilippo always had a special charm for me. Instead of previous piano-led compositions, things now settle around sophisticated synth sounds, processed female vocal pads, and (string)textures making up the 48-minute “Redes”, a concept album addressing the extensive way we humans are connected to each other due to nowadays multiple social media outlets as well as advanced technology to do so. Bruno recalls: we are increasingly defined by those connections and bonds, both real and digital, and “Redes” is my deconstruction of that idea.

Highly contemporary and evocative in nature, the music featured on the nine tracks has a most attentive and deep way of layering, drifting gently into neo-classical territory on “Connectivity” and “Message” while also occasionally revealing some intriguing minimalism elsewhere. Next to that, a timeless sense of being and ethereal surfaces on and off while being immersed and surrounded by “Redes” carefully sketched out a variety of calm, intrinsic moodscapes.

A special note on the smooth “Global” where lush, ethereal soundscapes drift over plucked strings. The last track “Hater”, the most active, rhythmic-driven piece of the “Redes”, sees gamelan-like sequences interact nicely with a deep bass drone and string textures. Well done, Bruno!



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