Bruno Sanfilippo – Subliminal Pulse

Bruno Sanfilippo - Subliminal Pulse

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Bruno Sanfilippo – Subliminal Pulse
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2011

“Sometimes, the poetic language of music reveals what cannot be seen. It shows a reality that has nothing to do with words. With my electronic instruments I take the universe’s “Subliminal Pulse”, and I try to build a bridge between my inner pulse and the pulse of the outer space”.

This is the comment given by the talented Bruno Sanfilippo on his first US-release “Subliminal Pulse”, which again is an emotional ride through richly layered electronic sphere paintings.

Things curl and shapeshift into various dimensions and levels of depth, as the string and atmospheric sections spread their wings. By this, the recording opens a doorway to organic-based spacemusic with a dynamic, occasionally percussive but overall tranquil soundscape tapestry continuously morphing underneath.

While the space is simply found between the fine curved lines moving between the dark and the light, the intrinsic pulsations within Sanfilippo’s soaring mood music create a sense of awe and pleasant hypnotic state.

Nevertheless, the peculiar sonic alchemy of this free form ambient recording demands focussed listening, due to Bruno’s profound and quite adventurous exploration of new sonic approaches, strategies and ideas.


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