Bruno Sanfilippo – Tangible

Bruno Sanfilippo - Tangible  


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Bruno Sanfilippo – Tangible

The influence of social media and the way we connect/relate to each other on a natural and human basis has changed the world rapidly and significantly over the last two decades. The sonic narrative making up Mr. Sanfilippo’s “Tangible” aims to evoke the strength and purity of the tangible through 12 soulful, most gentle, and highly emotive pieces of music that all come up close and personal.

Again, Bruno shows his expert skills of merging refined, minimalist electronics with piano and delicately flowing string textures that keep the listener’s attention from the start. In a way, I feel it on and off has some sonorous similarities with Forrest Fang’s electro-acoustic works. It’s intriguing to hear the composer stretch the intimate boundaries when he implements violin (“Amapola”) or cello (“Amber Light”). Occasionally, the radiant, joy- and playful is addressed quite firmly (“Hugs”, “Bitter Root” or “Multi-Screens”) while reflective, full immersion surfaces beautifully e.g. on “A child hugging the tree” and closing piece “Intangible”.

Get yourself a copy of “Tangible” when in need of something gratifying and comforting in these uncertain times.


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