Bruno Sanfilippo – Ver Sacrum

Bruno Sanfilippo – Ver Sacrum

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Bruno Sanfilippo – Ver Sacrum

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, ad21 Music, 2023

“Ver Sacrum”, inspired and informed by the ancient custom of ritualized expulsions of the same name, sees composer Bruno Sanfilippo head into a new direction that I’d like to describe as hallowed, intimate orchestral chamber music.

The highly emotive, thought-provoking, excellently mastered, and produced outcome dwells profoundly in spiritual, angelic realms, merging electronic textures, violin, violoncello, and soprano vocals. Parts of it air remind of Trent Reznor’s score “Empire of Light” or Dead Can Dance’s gothic work as it addresses a whole series of emotive states. The hauntingly beautiful opener “Sacred Spring” though is the stellar track of this mesmerizing, almost canon-like release.


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