Bruno Sanfilippo – Visualia

Bruno Sanfilippo - Visualia

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Bruno Sanfilippo – Visualia
CD, Neuronium Records, 2003

Bruno Sanfilippo is an Argentinean/Spanish composer and a close friend of ambient musician Max Corbacho, who established to have his new album released on Michel Huygen’s label.

With his fifth album he attempts to make music that awakes images hidden in our memory, but which also corresponds to the fractal art images of American visual artist Janet Parke which are featured in the booklet.

Well, “Visualia” sounds quite intimate and imaginative at times. In the thrird track it even turns a bit grand with beautiful symphonic textures, voice and deep bass-tones.
Things don’t stay that quiet as in “Visualia V” things start moving with great tribal percussion, before it all slows down again in the next track with deep, sometimes ethereal ambient textures and environmental sounds.

“Visualia VII” delves into some Tim Story-kindred environment with treated piano and bell-sounds. The dreamy effect is a bit lost in the final track, sounding a bit dreary to my ears.

“Visualia” is a proper produced recording, holding something for any ambient-fan.


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