Bryan Carrigan – Fall into Winter

Bryan Carrigan - Fall into Winter

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Bryan Carrigan – Fall into Winter
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Peonies Music, 2015

The winter season has already inspired many electronic musicians to compose music, those in the ambient genre especially. With his sixth album “Fall into Winter”, accomplished American producer, engineer, and electronic composer Bryan Carrigan invested two years of production in refining and sculpting his creative output, coming up with 73 minutes/12 tracks of inspired, evocative and overtly mellow instrumental music.

It displays the introspective and tranquil side of his music more profound, connecting to the gentle textural spaces as featured on the e.g. final tracks of his previous album “Inspired”. “Frozen Meadow” and “Whiteout” (for which a wiard 300 analogue synth was used) even display pleasant organic-flavored grittiness with lots and space found between the notes. The slightly Oldfield-esque “A Hundred Winters Old” is another remarkable piece, giving a voice to simple, honest emotions. A similar thing happens on “Snow Day” following next, shifting to atmospheric sound sketching on “Whiteout”.

The unhurried and comforting feel of the music makes it great for reflection and chill out, seeing the mellow realm expand even further in the second half of the release. The tranquil state doesn’t really change much when subtle sequences are integrated on the strong electronic molded “Behind the Wall”. The quiet, tender spheres culminate in the nicely rendered, far less melodic, darker-flavored and fully soundscape-based “Comparing Snowflakes”, slumbering and evolving meticulously for over 22-minutes.


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