Bryan Carrigan – Focus

Bryan Carrigan - Focus

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Bryan Carrigan – Focus
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Peonies Music, 2011

The 34-minute “Focus” is the second release by US-synthesist Bryan Carrigan, and almost seems an Ep to me. Like its predecessor “Passing Lights”, it contains ten emotive tracks of up-tempo, instrumental and moody electronic music.

This time though, Mr Carrigan has put in a bit more hidden and straightforward power into the groovy songs. Besides that, I’m especially fond of the rich use of world music samples and gamelan-sounds in the spacious sound design that elevate the expertly mastered and produced music to a higher level.

Smooth world-beat and chill-outtish elements meet here in a surprising and fresh sounding kaleidoscope of exotic events next to a few more reflective-oriented moments such as “Kayak”. Another reflective moment is found in the last piece “Summit”, a slightly melancholic lullaby with a nice soaring mellotron flute.

If you like to open up a different perspective on the world that surrounds us, its many cultures and languages, the accessible and colourful music of “Focus” is a nice portal to start your own discovery.


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