Bryan Carrigan – Passing Lights

Bryan Carrigan - Passing Lights

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Bryan Carrigan – Passing Lights
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Peonies Music, 2011

“Passing Lights” is the debut album by US-synthesist Bryan Carrigan, who’s also a most experienced synth programmer, sound designer, remixer, engineer and producer with extensive experience in records and post production under his belt. He e.g. did a wonderful job on Raygun Ballets “World that wasn’t” but also worked on movie scores such as “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” or “Righteous Kill”.

The almost 42-minute “Passing Lights” is a joyful album containing ten melodic, slightly down-tempo oriented instrumental songs.
The detailed and open sounding outcome is catchy and accessible, offering a rhythmic journey through the world of contemporary electronics and a bit beyond.

Occasionally, as in “Centipede”, Bryan nicely implements a dash of world music influences, while the trumpetsound in the Isham-mish “The Drive Home” gives it a hint of jazz. In the final track, “Beginnings”, a silent, overall reflective mood sets in to round things out nicely.


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