Bryan Carrigan – Windows

Bryan Carrigan - Windows


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Bryan Carrigan – Windows
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Peonies Music, 2012

For his third album “Windows”, accomplished composer Bryan Carrigan wanted to step away from the loops, rhythms and beats as mostly heard on his previous two releases, and instead venture into more of an ambient direction.

The 60-minute outcome is what Mr Carrigan likes refers to as “eclectic adventures of ambient and worldly soundscapes”, and again doesn’t disappoint at all. Besides carefully walking the fine line of ambient and New Age, the inviting and more reflective-oriented ambiences have a nice soft (or should I saw intimate) touch, leaving room for unhurried, gently unfolding spaces, fluid melody and occasional sequencer patterns. “The Morning’s Gift” and “Fields of Poppy” are good examples of this approach along the smooth cascading elements making up “Horizon”.

Then again, there’s the soft glowing sparkle shimmering nicely through each of the ten tracks, adding an extra layer and dimension to the pastoral-oriented music. Open up, breath the fresh air and feel the gentle breeze as each piece presents itself in a simple and honest manner. The release rounds out with two longer compositions, of which the 13-minute “Solace” bears a certain Zen-like, elevating and cleansing quality.

All in all, “Windows” is well-crafted contemporary electronic music firmly rooted in the here and now, revealing a more up close and personal side of Bryan Carrigan.


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