Budd/Garcia/Lentz – Music for 3 Pianos

Budd/Garcia/Lentz - Music for 3 Pianos


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Budd/Garcia/Lentz – Music for 3 Pianos

“Music for Three Pianos”, inspired by Morton Feldman’s multi-piano pieces, brings together the gifted minimalist piano players Harold Budd, Ruben Garcia and Daniel Lentz.

It’s not full album but a 21-minute EP with six compositions featuring simple but most effective music. Its subtle impact reminds of Budd’s “White Arcades” or his collaborative album “The Pearl” with soul-spirit Brian Eno, offering compositions stripped to their bare essentials, showing both heart and soul, exploring the lovely space between notes.
I can’t imagine one isn’t touched by the beauty and peaceful flow coming from “Somos Tres” or the albums highlight “La casa Bruja”, found at the end. All goodies on this mini-release were expertly produced by Harold Budd and Michael Hoenig.

This ambient gem sets things in slow motion, presenting new views and insights while leaving room for reflection by means of honest simplicity.

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