BySenses – Frigments-Fragments

BySenses - Frigments-Fragments


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BySenses – Frigments-Fragments
CD, Private Release, 2014

“Frigments-Fragments” is the full-length debut by Belgium synthesist Didier DeWachtere, aka BySenses, whom I also know due to his longtime passion for EM.

The 77-minute recording is a solid effort, showing a lot of guts, presenting a sensitive mix of evocative ambient and contemporary, occasional sequencer-driven EM. The latter is already featured very nicely on “Destination Unknown” following after the lush ambient-intro of the short title track.

The albums music though is not your every day’s cup of tea as there are quite some complex, weird but captivating hook-ups (“Quoi et Moi”) and sonic approaches flying by to keep the listeners attention. These especially come to fruition in the longer pieces found on the first half, where the atmospheric, multicolored layers especially caught my ears, even taking on a mesmerizing, darker, psychedelic shape along intimate, reflective moments on both “Where-ever However” and “Beautiful Moments”. I feel these two pieces are interconnected somehow, sharing a similar contemplative vibe, velvet/ethereal shine and sonic dimension.

Unusual but emotive sound architecture is also encountered on “If You”, a blend of gentle spheres and sequencer outings heading skyward. Sensitivities fly high on the slight symphonic-oriented “Slaap stil mijn kind”. Thereafter, things sonically switch to a more jolly and energetic mould as heard in some German EM-bands along a dash of Nemesis on “Strawberries 4-ever”. “OGF” is the dynamic outro of the release, where electronics and drums collide and sustain each other quite brilliant.

Both the intrinsic and adventurous thrill along the decision to step out of the ordinary make “Frigments-Fragments” a special release hard to classify. I for one though think the well-produced, mixed and mastered outcome is some fine ear-candy deserving both thumbs up.



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