BySenses – MonoCHROOM

BySenses - MonoCHROOM

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BySenses – MonoCHROOM
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2021

“MonoCHROOM” is the fifth release by Didier DeWachtere who’s artistically known by his nom-de-plum BySenses. The recording features two long-form tracks of 30 minutes each that both reveal a progressive approach toward electronic music.

Don’t be put off by the harsh industrial beats that take off at the start of “Monos”, as things ease down after a few minutes where the music enters an adventurous, quite cinematic but also minimalist sonic landscape. The piece (seeing the composer attempting to bring out the monotony of color by working very hard on a light build-up, repetitive song that ends uptempo eventually) keeps evolving in a rather pulsating, slightly abstract-industrial-angled manner. Bits and pieces of classic Em elements surface here on and off also. Strings of lush, almost jumpy sequences in the second half of this track are a great find before it all settles down in a searching, bit unbalanced manner as we near the end.

The electro/psy ambient making up “CHROOM” reveal similar patterns and style, but the psychedelic guitar licks, harsh sound effects, and peculiar beats/kicks result in a rather uneven effect. Besides that, the minimalist, screamy-ish solo voice surfacing a tad later (and lasting/returning until halfway through the track) isn’t up my alley either. A more quiet, balanced, and warmer sphere takes the stage after that for several minutes. Pity though there’s another shift into abstract Psybient with psychedelic guitar in the remainder of the piece.

In the end, it’s the diversity displayed on this album, a rather strange aural breed in many aspects, which makes it hard to classify let alone enjoy it in full.




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