C-Jay – ADEM

C-Jay - ADEM


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C-Jay – ADEM
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2019

What I got here is the debut album on Groove Unlimited of Dutchman Christian Jansen who works as an experienced producer, composer and dj under his C-Jay moniker. As such he has put out numerous releases on some of the world’s most respected music labels, most notably John Digweed’s Bedrock Records where C-Jay released the electronic dance albums “Backslider” and “Echoes”. This newbie actually came out in download-only format in January 2019 on RePlug Records in January 2019 but now received it’s well deserved and highly requested physical release in the end.

“ADEM” features contemporary electronic sound design presenting a keen, captivating and vibrant mix of Berlin School and soundscapes through eight parts. The latter forms a contemplative, hypnotic trip of atmospheric ambient electronica moving smoothly through various stages and energy levels, reaching a highlight on the mesmerizing “Part 5” and “Part 6”. Besides this artist being a great addition to the Groove catalogue, there’s simply a lot to enjoy on the nicely and attentively crafted “ADEM”. Definitely recommended!

Website: www.c-jay.eu


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