Cadenced Haven – Peregrination

Cadenced Haven - Peregrination

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Cadenced Haven – Peregrination
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2010

Cadenced Haven is a project by Bangladesh-based female artist Laila Quraishi, who got some great help from accomplished Dutch synthesist Gert Emmens on her debut-release “Peregrination”.

The CH-project itself is a mind soothing, New Age based art form with the goal to reach the listener’s inner soul, hidden mind and consciences through the melody. In the end it wants to leave a mark of new possibilities and discover the new being within themselves.

Don’t expect this to be a quiet album though, as the first three tracks feature the great electronic contributions of Mr Emmens, who provided some great and catchy sequencer patterns and lush synth pads to get things into motion while creating comfortable moods.
Laila’s solo tracks sound more classical, mystifying, almost loungy and sometimes even a bit psychedelic to my ears. The way she occasionally uses her voice is also something one must like.
Highlights on the cd are the album opener “Devoted Loss” and the groovy sonics of “Catalysis”.

In the end, and although the music doesn’t meet my musical preference, it’s the fascinating combination of Laila’s gently atmospheres and rhythms with Gert’s great vintage sounds and spicy sequencer patterns that lift “Peregrination” above the average electronic music album.


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