Callisto – Nyx

Callisto - Nyx

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Callisto – Nyx
CD, AD Music, 2010

“Nyx” is the long overdue second album of Callisto, aka David Wright and Dave Massey.

The 76-minute factory-pressed disc offers four long pieces ranging between 17 and 22 minutes. They pair atmospheric parts with rhythmic/sequenced and melodic sections in which one can also notice an occasional analogue angle.
At first glance one might get the impression the music is taking a certain adventurous approach, but I was soon put off that idea when the music was set in motion and various mingled melodic solo voices showed up.

In its own way the music gives the impression to be a sort of tribute to and being inspired by the bygone days of vintage electronic music, but Callisto’s contemporary variation on that only partly does the job.

The used sounds are a bit uninspired and superficial, and the compositions itself aren’t that appealing either, missing a deeper atmosphere to keep my attention.

Although I trust they did their best, these two musicians should have done better after a hiatus of six years….



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