Can Atilla – Hi Story

Can Atilla - Hi Story

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Can Atilla – Hi Story
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2011

I don’t know that many albums by Turkish musician Can Atilla, but I found out this one came out about six years after “Concorde”, his previous album on Groove Unlimited.

I must say this newbie is filled with accessible and catchy electronic music, making it a most attractive collection of music. Although I don’t really get the point of the albums cover, “Hi-Story” offers smoothly sequenced and melodic compositions in which echoes from mid ‘80’s TD and Mr Jarre shine through along a most pleasant vintage rim. On the great title track it seems Johannes Schmoelling even visited Can Atilla in regard to the excellent solo voices.

But there’s more to the albums music, as Can keenly also implements original Turkish instruments (or great samples of them) on some tracks, such as on “Thieves of Bagdad”. Other highlights on this cd are the two-part “The Kings and the beggars”, the vibrant “Sultan’s Sequencer”, the haunting spherics of “Solar-is..” and the final piece “Nights of the rain prayers”.

The overall outcome of “Hi-Story” is symphonic-flavoured and well sequenced electronics, more than once to infectious, groovy effect.

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