Carbon Based Lifeforms – Refuge (Original Soundtrack)

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Refuge (Original Soundtrack)

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Carbon Based Lifeforms – Refuge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Leftfield Records, 2014

After they left their label Ultimae around 2014, the experienced Swedish ambient music producers Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad (aka Carbon Based Lifeforms) continued their passion firmly, creating captivating yet soothing psyambient that touches the soul. They spend over a year remastering and re-releasing their first three albums to establish a more consistent sound between them, while they were also approached by Bloom Music who wanted to release CBL’s albums on vinyl (something the duo intended to do for a long time).

In addition, the duo was approached by the director of the movie “Refuge”, about a family trying to survive in the ruins of a collapsed America in the wake of a catastrophic plague, to compose an appropriate soundtrack for it. Hedberg and Segerstad accepted and applied both characters and chapters in the movie as points of departure, creating 41 minutes of atmospheric music blending the darker, disturbing and unquiet moods to a cohesive whole.

Well, the album clocks at only 41 minutes, quite a bit less compared to their regular albums, with lush, transparent, and almost serene atmospheres paired with gentle rhythms on one side (“RCA(+), “Birdie” and the melancholic winter soundscape “Leaves”) contrary to starker, ominous sonic presences -that are still highly accessible- taking the stage on “RCA (-)”, “Lost” and “Marauders”. Aside from that there’s the trancy, down-tempo outing “Escape”. Any ambient aficionado will indulge quite a lot of “Refuge’s” calm, imaginary and almost soothing aural landscapes, I reckon.


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