Carbon Based Lifeforms – Twentythree

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Twentythree

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Carbon Based Lifeforms – Twentythree
CD, Ultimae Records, 2011

For this album, the duo Segerstad/Hedberg have chosen to turn the wheel and head into a different music direction, away from the down-tempo stuff of their previous releases.

The outcome is the beatless “Twentythree”, moving into vast and spacious ambient territory. Its eight tracks of majestic textural drift music smoothly evolve, settling down with an overall soothing and chill-out impact, as the listener can easily visualize expansive cosmic atmospheres during the 66-minute soundscape ride. It’s not that quiet though, as there’s also dynamic arc and intense feeling running through the broadening dronescapes.

If you’re looking for deeper and immersive ambient space music, you best check out the accompanying album ” VLA”, only available as a digital download, that features a 60-minute version of the 10-minute track on this album.

All in all, when you’re into lush, freeform ambient sound design, “Twentythree” will already thick quite some boxes.


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