Carbon Based Lifeforms – World of Sleepers

Carbon Based Lifeforms - World of Sleepers

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Carbon Based Lifeforms – World of Sleepers
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2006

Those in search for a piece of sonic magic have come to the right place with CBL’s second album “World of Sleepers”. In almost 80 minutes, Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Ringström take their audience on a hypnotizing, gentle and easy-going journey through atmospheric down-tempo territory.

As the release starts at track 12, it’s clear the duo considers this outcome a continuation of their previous effort “Hydrophonic Garden”, but here CBL has clearly taken it all to a higher, a bit more mysterious oriented level. All over the album, floating and texture-centred passages interact with beat and sequencer driven stuff, forming a tapestry of overall mellow, spacious vastness. Slices of melody are present in the liquid-ish, otherworldly sci-fi soundscape, even reaching a state of melancholic chill-out on the title track.

Another highlight is “Betula Pendula” at the end of the album. This beautiful sonic scenery will surely help the listener to imagine his or her own places, landscapes and feelings while breaking away from nowadays busy worldly affairs. Also note the nice hidden track (apparently called “Mechanism”) found halfway “Betula Pendula” after a few minutes of silence, where CBL’s music centered on nature and technology lingers on a bit more.

Summarizing, the contemporary electronics of “World of Sleepers” offer quite a lot to enjoy for any ambient music fan.


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