Carbon Entity – Within the Cosmic Void


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Carbon Entity – Within the Cosmic Void
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Zen Gate Music, 2019

Let’s spend some time in the timeless audio vacuum of the void created by Portland-based Gunter Platz, aka Carbon Entity, who uses hardware synths only such as the Access Virus, the Roland boutique series units and even an old Chroma poly. While personally enjoying more experimental music that is on the darker edge of the music/sound spectrum, the music of “Within the Cosmic Void” was inspired particularly by Gunther’s interest in Eastern meditation and influences including everyone from Stockhausen, Brian Eno, Lustmords works as well as early Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.

The 55-minute “Within the Cosmic Void” takes its listeners on a journey exploring the deep end of inner and outer space using a blend of electronic textures, drone instrumentation and assorted field recordings created and recorded in his home during 2018. Hovering in the great, mysterious beyond and traversing far distances without much effort, sense of time but the right dose of drama is what this fascinating, overtly relaxed aural space is offering you. I rate “Sentient Exploration”, “The Center of Nowhere” and opener “Travelling in Deep Cryosleep” as my favourites here.

Can’t deny I feel an accomplished producer/mastering engineer like Chad Kettering, Hollan Holmes or Howard Givens would be beneficial to the current outcome, adding an expansive, deepening dimension to the overall sound.



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