Carboneids – Synthsyg

Carboneids - Synthsyg

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Carboneids – Synthsyg
CD, Mellowjet Records, 2007

“Synthsyg” is Carboneids’ debut album on the German Mellowjet label, but it’s actually a re-release of the same album that already came out on HZ-Records in 2005.
Carboneids are the Danish duo Bjorn Jeppesen (also known as Nattefrost) and Claus Holm Lynglund, presenting a fresh portion of synth-pop tracks.

From the start, it is clear the musicians must have had a lot of fun in the studio composing this straightforward, honest music while implementing lots of fun elements and effects.

Musically, the 13 rhythmic tracks with occasional vocoder sounds carry strong influences of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and alike, breathing a positive vibe all the way.
E.g. “Galactic Collisions” comes very close to Kraftwerk, sounding rather simple but very effective and to the point.

These two musicians know what they are doing on this well produced and composed album.
Certainly a fun-album for those who love the genre.



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