Carola Kassner – Planetary Voyage

Carola Kassner - Planetary Voyage

Release data:

Carola Kassner – Planetary Voyage
CD, Orion Productions, 1994

“Planetary Voyage (a voyage through the solar system – and beyond)” is a 66-minute live recording by German visual artist and composer Carola Kassner at Zeiss Planetarium Berlin in December 1994.

Although sounding quite a bit compressed and not too bright, the 18-track solar voyage pairs a distinct New Age flavor with slight neo-classical spheres. My main concern of the overtly gentle affair though is a certain simplicity and flatness, making the outcome harder to endure, nearing amateurism on various spots.

As such this album should not be your choice if you look for atmospheric and imaginary cosmic music. For the latter, you’d better turn to the early works of e.g. Mychael Danna, Jonn Serrie or Michael Stearns.



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