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CC:Dome - Dome  


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CC:Dome – Dome

CC:Dome is another enigmatic project from Garrett Park’s Cursor Club. Soundwise it’s episodic, rather minimal and, compared to the Crown Invisible-project on the same label, taking on a bit more adventurous approach. The creative process involves the incorporation of very slight Middle Eastern elements, drone pads and more.

CC: Dome contains four tracks (“DR 5”, “DR1”, “DR4” and “DR 6”), they seem some kind of remix of the same track. There’s the more up-tempo opener with light trance-influences while the other pieces feature a serene, relaxed mood. The used lush synth-washes in these tracks swell and fade away nicely, as such creating a dreamlike state on one hand and reminding of traditional space-music on the other.

Give this a listen if you want some cool, original sounding music. Overall production and sound quality are outstanding.


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