Cell – Hanging Masses

Cell - Hanging Masses

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Cell – Hanging Masses
CD, Ultimae Records, 2009

“Hanging Masses” is the second full length release by French musician Cell, aka Alexandre Scheffer.
Cell previously contributed single tracks to various compilations in the genre of down-tempo electronica, but now bit by bit reveals his own identity with this cohesive album.

“Hanging Masses” consists of eight pieces of overall mellow electronics, which carries both dreamy flavours as deep, spacy atmospheres.
Cell’s lush, spacious ambient textures are companied by occasional deep bass notes and glitchy rhythms, captured in long, repetitive down-beat pieces that can act both as background music as for more attentive listening. Submerged energies are always present, as are the many details floating by in the imaginary soundscapes.

Unfortunately, “Hanging Masses” also features very few catchy, melodic tunes, an important element which made his previous tracks stand out so well.

So in the end, merging the best of both worlds for a true solid release doesn’t seem an easy job after all…

Website: www.myspace.com/alexscheffer

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