Cell – Live in Corfu

Cell - Live in Corfu


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Cell – Live in Corfu
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2020

This fine recording reminded me how much I miss the quality and lush down-tempo music that once came out for many years on the French Ultimae label (that nowadays puts out experiments in minimalist dub-tech soundscapes only). Well, the 70-minute “Live in Corfu” (of the eight tracks, four are previously unreleased) is a cohesive, lovely pulsating release with trance vibes from start to finish unfolding in a steady pace, gentle melodies, warm pads and –above all- deep reverberating bass lines. “Intimate Removals”, the longest track, makes a most pleasant outro with its beautiful basses and smooth, soft soaring sounds.

Remarkably enough, “Live in Corfu” (which I rate above Cell’s great “Live at Kumharas”) got no hardcopy release, so I strongly recommend getting the 24-bit studio master (instead of the 16-bit version) to get the best out of this overall relaxed excursion in typical Cell-style. Merveilleux, Monsieur Scheffer.


Website: ultimae.bandcamp.com

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