Centrozoon – Lovefield

Centrozoon - Lovefield

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Centrozoon – Lovefield
CD, Unsung Records, 2007

“Lovefield” is an ambient/experimental album by Centrozoon, aka Bernhard Wöstheinrich (fm synthesizers) and Markus Reuter (guitar), which seems all about improvisation.

This is not an easy album, as the five tracks just seem to realm in chaos, fx’s and experimentalism. And although I did my best, I couldn’t detect much structure in these meandering, harsh soundscapes, beside some very nice textural sounds featured in the last part of the 16-minute track “Field 3”.

For me this music lingers on and on without making a point. The excellent mastering by Robert Rich didn’t change that.

This kind of music is just not my cup of tea, as I don’t have any reason to doubt the expertise and musicianship of both musicians.

Website: www.centrozoon.de


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