Chad Kettering – Into the Infinite

Chad Kettering - Into the Infinite


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Chad Kettering – Into the Infinite
CD, Soniclayers Music, 2008

Chad Kettering is an electronic ambient artist from Texas, USA. He started out as a professional trumpet player, and for many years he performed with various orchestras and small ensembles before he discovered the genre of electronic music.

Being captured by the great effects and impact of sound in SF-movies, he immediately recognized the potential of this art forming which one could fuse pure sound design through the use of electronic instruments, digital workstations and audio sound processors.

Chad patiently developed his sound and approach over several years, drawing upon techniques used in sound design, musique concrete and leading edge ambient music.

The first hatchling from all this hard work is “Into The Infinite”, an inspiring and musical journey unveiling its emotional depth as the shades of a long lost exotic landscape and the culture it supported are brought to life.

Through a refined collection of analogue and digital instruments, acoustic elements, and a warm sound, Chad’s eight cinematic ambient compositions are very much alive and present, offering the listener an inspiring view into infinite destinies. It’s a great sonic blanket keeping you company all the way.

Although all music was composed, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Chad himself, he received so valuable help from ambient magician Steve Roach, who was in charge of the excellent mastering.

“Into the Infinite” is a highly recommended piece of work. I only hope Chad’s next album just won’t take too long, as this guy really shows some great talents!


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