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Chad Kettering – Pathways
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Soniclayers Music, 2015

The third album by Chad Kettering, which took three years in the making, takes on a new sonic approach. It fuses the world of orchestral instrumentation with the world of electronics heard on his previous releases “Into The Infinite” and “Voices of the Ancients”, thereby exploring a much larger and broader musical soundstage.

Well, it all led to a cracking outcome on “Pathways”, aimed as a musical soundtrack to the complex journey through life each of us undertakes every day. This time though, the 50-minute outcome (which again features many complex layers) has turned out far more thematic, melodic, symphonic and grandiose while Chad’s sound design is up-front and contemporary. His lively electronic orchestra (enriched with native flutes and even a bit of trumpet) airs lots of energy, tension and variety, sparkling vividly while spreading a positive sonic perfume in each of the ten tracks.

While the energy level peaks quite a lot during the intense ride, there are sufficient quieter passages and interludes along the pleasant soaring contributions of Kari Kettering’s emotive cello playing throughout the whole album. The sense of release while simultaneously visualizing a view on the wide open on the final track “Standing on the Edge” receives an extra touch due to the addition of vibrant trumpet.

Achieving the narrative as dynamic outcome of “Pathways” must have been a huge load of work, but has resulted in something most pleasing and rewarding (besides being a great “toy” for high-end listeners).


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