Chad Kettering – Voices of the Ancients

Chad Kettering - Voices of the Ancients


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Chad Kettering – Voices of the Ancients
CD, Soniclayers Music, 2010

After two years of hard work invested in sculpturing, layering and refining music for his second release, Chad Kettering has come up with a great successor to “Into the Infinite”.

The outcome on “Voices of the Ancients” is an intensive sound experience which can be put next to the tribal/ethnic-infused works of Michael Stearns and Steve Roach, although Chad also maps out his own path.

The eight tracks offer 53 minutes of highly cinematic music which submerge and immerse into the history and culture of the ancient civilisations who inhabited the North American desert southwest.

The fusion of massive and evocative walls of sound design, various shakers, flutes, assorted tribal percussion and Indian chants create a wonderful world of magic and imagery, nicely implementing occasional powerful dynamics before drifting back into mesmerizing, enchanting sonic pools.

Towards the end, Chad even comes up with “Just over the Horizon” and “Radiance”, two freeform tracks of velvet, blissful space music to fully immersive in. “Voices of the Ancients” is even more intense when nourished using headphones.

The expert sound quality and transparent sound spectrum puts the icing to it all, making “Voices of the Ancients” a highly recommended and worthy sonic ride.
Chapeau, Mr Kettering!


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