Changing Images – Virtuality

Changing Images - Virtuality

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Changing Images – Vituality
CD, Lektronik Soundscapes, 1992

Changing Images is the German duo Martin Kornberger (synths) and Volker Kuhn (synths and guitars), a project following the more electronic/sequencer-led progressive music of the ‘70s. They seem to have been working under this group name since 1991, having released the more symphonic-tinged release “The Castle” on the French Musea label that same year.

“Virtuality” is supposed to fit more into their own tradition of electronic music, but I didn’t get particularly enthralled by it. The opening piece is really beautiful with its twinkling sequencers and fine supported keys, but on the remaining 60 minutes of the album that level is nowhere matched: their music even becomes searchy and slightly experimental despite there being plenty of nice touches for something better. In the end I don’t know how to get along with, let alone compare to. Production and sound quality are more than ok.




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