Char-El – Heaven and Earth

Char-El - Heaven and Earth


This follow-up to Char-El’s critically acclaimed debut album “Worlds Without End” is divided in two sections: a space-trip and an overall symphonic tour-de-force.

“Heaven” offers more capturing space music in the tradition of Charles’ former album, moving further on into unknown regions of our galaxy. But then there’s “Earth”: which is something different. Here we encounter more rhythmic, symphonic music put together by Charles and three of his fellow friends he knew from projects he had done in the past.

“Earth” on the other hand contains 72 minutes of thrilling sympho-rock music, a very strong effort which will please a lot of listeners, not only those familiar with Gandalf’s early recordings, but also those familiar with Jim Pietkivitch’s second album “Spiral Journey”.

A really exceptional track on his disc is “Full Circle”, which really swept me away with its emotional guitar-lingerings put into a soothing tapestry of synths.

An absolute must-buy!


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