Char-El – Resurrection

Char-el - Resurrection

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Char-El – Resurrection
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

After quite a long absence of almost a decade, August 2009 marks the return of Charles Thaxton (aka Char-El) to the music scene with “Resurrection”, his third album.

Composed with a variety of analogue and digital synthesizers and digital drums, the 79-minutes of music present a nice blend of progressive, symphonic and electronic music with occasional orchestral and new-age flavours and even some fine electric and acoustic guitar by Bob Baratta.

A fine blend of 19 instrumental symphonic songs sees Charles play music which sounds reminiscent to the distinct style developed on his previous albums “Worlds without End” and “Heaven and Earth”.

The text in the cd-booklet explains why, as this collection of tracks originated from many analogue tape mixes, some as long as twenty years ago. Of all pieces, “Dawn over Atlantis” is the only weak spot, sounding as an experiment, lacking body and direction.

Those familiar with Char-El’s previous mentioned albums can buy this release unheard, but this music might also be a good choice for all who love Gandalf’s ‘80’s and early ‘90’s music.


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