Char-El – Worlds without End

Char-El - Worlds without End


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Char-El – Worlds without End
CD, Private Release, 1996

“Worlds Without End” is the debut cd of Ohio-based musician Char-El aka Charles Thaxton. He is convinced that his music has a positive influence on both spiritual health and the soul.

I must confess Charles has released some very nice space music that can compete with some of Jonn Serrie and his followers.

Nine tracks capture the listener, taking him or her on a journey into a far-off galaxy as the overwhelming synthwashes roll on and on in an exiting manner, which give the feeling that you’re swept away in a very delicate way.

This inviting cosmic encounter, including some great Mellotron sounds by the way, is something you have to experience in its full length.
I think any space music fan won’t be disappointed at all!


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