CHAR-EL – Archives I

CHAR-EL - Archives I

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Char-El – Archives I
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2019

I got nice memories of my first encounter with the electronic music of self-taught synthesist Charles Thaxton, aka Char-El, who sadly passed away in March 2019. After over twenty-five years experience as a composer and keyboardist/synthesist in the progrock scene he decided to pursue a sort of space-voyage pathway around 1996 releasing his fine debut “Worlds Without End”.

The 75-minute “Archives I” -“a soaring and motivated journey through mythology and space travel”- is the first of four unreleased archives and demos compilation albums featuring songs pulled from the vaults dating back decades over the course of Char-El’s career. The original demo of “Full Circle” kicking off the release already sets a nice vibe (“Arisen”, “Orbiter 102” and “Cry of the Spirit” following later on fit in the same league) as does the euphoric/symphonic “Bolero” -with Gary White on additional keyboards- or the imaginative “The Fall of Atlantis”.

Despite sounding a bit rough, thin and unpolished these legacy recordings give a nice insight in Char-El’s world of sound and ideas.


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