Chris Armstrong – A.I. Awakens

Chris Armstrong - A.I. Awakens

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Chris Armstrong – A.I. Awakens
CD, Private Release, 2007

This is the first album in the Spaceage Furniture Music series by L.A.-based musician Chris Armstrong.
The concept album on the evolution of artificial intelligence contains furniture music, a term coined by Erik Satie, which refers to music used as a sonic backdrop rather than as the primary focus of listeners attention.

Well, the music –which features several guest musicians- has an atmospheric, cinematic impact, but overall is not that accessible as the high-tech cover might suggest. There’s a lot of use of metallic objects, bells, percussion elements next to electronics, creating a hi-tech, dense, cloudy and sometimes even experimental sphere.

The 11-minute “Neurons Coalesce” is a nice atmospheric piece with bansuri flute next to some short tracks that contain Absynth 4 sequencing, but overall I found the vocal additions on several spots very distracting and annoying.

All in all, the sonic content on this very well produced album is not as easy to handle nor to depict, so I guess this is only suitable for adventurous ears. Best have a listen to some soundbites to get an impression.



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