Chris Bocast – Through the Airlock

Chris Bocast - Through the Airlock

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Chris Bocast – Through the Airlock
CD, Private Release, 2004

“Through the Airlock” is described as a sci-fi ambient minimalist journey” by Colorado-based musician Chris Bocast, who utilizes e-guitar, ebow, piano and moog.

The twelve tracks shapeshift from rather eerie, transitional pieces (happily enough these are the shorter ones) to overall flowing, textural music.

I’m not fond of the dissonant, empty soundings and bit chaotic outcome on several tracks, but really enjoyed the floating, soundscape-like stuff as heard on tracks 2, 6, 9 and 12.
An excellent track is “EVA”, offering ongoing delicate sustained piano lingerings which remind of Eno and Budd.

The album ends with track 13 as unlisted bonus track, another 10 minute journey of slowly morphing and drifting textures.


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